Election 2012 Results for District 11

8 Nov

My absolute gratitude to  everyone who supported my campaign for Nebraska State Legislature District 11.

 At the onset of this campaign my intent was to give District 11 voters a choice for real change from the past 43 years of failed leadership and failed policies.  Unfortunately the voters decided to go along with the status quo, supporting a continued downward spiral of our district by re-electing Sen. Ernie Chambers.

 Ladies and Gentlemen this is the person YOU elected to represent our district:

Ernie Chambers Show 10-25-2011 “…Rommel gave one of the best speeches ever delivered..it had far more significance than MARTIN LUTHER KING’s moaning and groaning about “I have a Dream” which meant nothing…Field Marshall Rommel and if he was a Nazi then I should say “Heil Hitler” we need more Rommels in this country…but Rommel was not a Nazi…”

Ernie Chambers 10-25-2011 WWII “…United States Marines they were cowards…black people being brainwashed or if not brainwashed cowardly going along with the program yeh the Marines are great…”

Ernie Chambers 10-4-2011 Show  “…simple-minded white people…it’s a waste of time to argue with them…white people are so slow on the uptake…”

Ernie Chambers 10-4-2011 Show  “…white people are so arrogant, so shallow, so insensitive…”

Ernie Chambers 10-11-2011 Show  “..Rev Wright had said some things about the United States which were true…Republicans…do all they can to make President Obama look obnoxious…”

Ernie Chambers 10-25-2012 Show Ernie Mocks United States Marines “…Marines are Racists to this very day!…..”

Ernie Chambers Show 10-25-2011  “..when that FELLOW Alwaliki was assassinated…that was murder..of an American Citizen..Obama’s hands are covered in blood..Black people are the handy escape goats for everything wrong in this country, so they kill us all the day long..If Black people obtain the upper hand they should do the same to White people…”

Ernie Chambers Show 10-25-2011 “…This is a Racist country always has been always will be….”


You Tube Links Part 1 and Part 2 of Susan Smith show on 10/30/2012

31 Oct

ImageOct 30 2012 Susan Smith Show Part 1 As Senator of District 11, I will…. Susan Smith, WRITE-IN candidate for District 11-North Omaha for Nebraska Legislature.  Her opponents are Sen. Brenda Council and former Sen. Ernie Chambers.  Susan makes her last appeal to voters before the November 6th election on her weekly T.V. show on Cox Cable/CTI Channel 22.

Oct 30 2012 Susan Smith Show Part 2 As Senator of District 11, I will….

Fold-over Brochure

Please consider a donation to help pay for my campaign billboards by donating on line at https://secure.piryx.com/donate/6pi4HA0h/Susan-Smith-for-Nebraska-Legislature-D-11-North-Omaha/   OR  mail a check payable to Susan Smith for Legislature, P.O. Box 540351, Omaha, Ne 68154  NOTE:  Donations are not tax deductible.  Also worth noting is that everyone involved in my campaign is a volunteer – every penny of contributions is going towards campaign expenses.

As Senator of District 11, I will…..

30 Oct

My campaign commitment and promise

to you

tonight on Cox Cable/CTI Channel 22

from 10:30pm – 11pm.


Voter Information Project Questionnaire

18 Oct



VOTER INFORMATION PROJECT Candidate Questionnaire link for Susan Smith, Nebraska Legislature – District 11/North Omaha.

The SUSAN SMITH show tonight at 10:30pm

16 Oct

Please join me on my show this evening and every Tuesday night from 10:30p to 11:00 p on Cox Cable/CTI Channel 22.

We discuss the issues, solutions and celebrate the goodness in District 11 – North Omaha.

Voters, Inc. Meet the Candidate Susan Smith speaks w/voters

Police/Community Relations Meeting Video 1

Police/Community Relations Meeting Video 2

Police/Community Relations Meeting Video 3

Police/Community Relations Meeting Video 4

It’s a great day in NORTH O !

14 Oct

Voters, Inc. held a Candidate Meet and Greet at the OIC bldg on Saturday, Oct. 13th.  Thanks for the volunteers who organized and decorated this event.  I had a great time and appreciate the warm welcome.

Susan Smith, WRITE-IN Candidate for Nebraska Legislature District 11 speaks at Voters, Inc. Meet the Candidate event.

8 Oct

Join me Tuesday night October 9th on Cox Cable/CTI Channel 22 from 10:30p to 11:00pm.

We will cover the mail in ballot and go over some  candidate questionnaires I’ve filled out so you get a better idea where I stand on the issues.

I’ll have an update for you on the Kellom/Conestoga school project proposed by the Omaha Public School board and the Learning Community Council.

Be sure to check the EVENTS page for upcoming events, I enjoy meeting and hearing YOUR opinion on issues facing our district.